Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Pinata Time!

Last week at 4:00 all the mommy's and 2 daddys got together to make pinata's. Lots of laughing (at us from the moms) as Rick and I cut, wrapped, glued and fringed our first pinata.

We used glue but many moms brought the traditional paste made from flour and water.

There is also a trick to cutting and crepe paper, luckily we had a lesson on the art of cutting from one of the moms, or we could have ended up with a, "feo pinata."

The moms were talking, (very fast), laughing and "complaining" about making the pinatas but they seemed to really enjoy themselves. Start to finish it took Rick and I nearly 2 hours to finish!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Colima for the weekend- some culture -oh my!

We went to Colima for the weekend. Wow, I was so excited to find bookstores, library and museums! We’ve lived in La Manzanilla for 2 months and it was such a treat to have all these “city” benefits.

Each night Thursday-Sunday there is free music or dance in the main plaza so we enjoyed a classical music concert and a performance by the local dance folkloric dance troop.

With a 5 year old you never really know how the day is going to go, but we did manage to visit one museum and as luck would have it- luck is on the side of the best prepared – my husband always says- there was a preschool group visiting the museum and they were getting a hands on demo of the art of clay figure making. Lyle spent 30 mins with the class making clay figures and left with a clay whale and snake. It was the highlight of his weekend. When the demo was done he asked the teacher- A donde van, puedo ir con ustedes? “Where are you going, can I go with you?” Part of me thinks he needs a sibling- but that’s another post!

Highly recommend Colima, it's beautiful!