Saturday, January 31, 2009

That gringo kid speaks Spanish

Yes, it's true. My little gringo speaks Spanish. We had a babysitter last night and I overheard him telling her all about his adventures as new bike rider.

The other day we were walking through town and we stopped to chat with some friends. I was explaining that we had all been sick and how Lyle had a bad cough and we hadn't been to the beach in a few days. She said something to me and I didn't quiet get it so I responded, "como?" Lyle turned to me and said, "Mom, she said it's ok if I go to the beach but I should not get in the water."

Rick and I are coming along nicely, but Lyle is rocketing along.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Futbol with 5 year olds!

The kinder hosted a futbol turny today at the campo and about fifty 4-6 year-olds took part in the national sport, soccer or futbol.

Lyle had a grand time first running after the ball and second as the goalie. I have no idea where he learned the rules of soccer but he knew not to pick up the ball, when the tall guy with the whistle blew the whistle it was time to stop kicking the ball and the point was to kick the ball between the goals.

His team managed to score and as goalie he blocked a dozen goal attempts.

All in all very cute to watch.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cállete perro! Sounds of La Manzanilla

It’s 9:00 pm and I’m rocking to the grooves of some techno trash music…as I sitting in our apartment. It’s coming from the neighbor’s house behind us. These neighbors have a cacophony of sounds emanating from their location.

Around 6:45 am the music starts, usually not very loud, and I find it pleasant.

We return from dropping Lyle at school around 9:15 am. That’s when the pet bird starts doing its thing. The parrot whistles, like the whistle steelworkers give to passing women. Then when he’s bored of that he switches to his cat imitation and begins meowing loudly.

Around 10:00 am the family leaves the house for the day….but they leave a big black dog tied on very short rope in the backyard. Our bedroom/office window looks down into their backyard. 10:10 am the dog starts barking.

My husband and then spend the next two hours taking turns going over to the window and yelling, “callete perro!” in between conference calls and emails, that is.

12:00 we pick Lyle up from school, neighbors come home for the afternoon meal, dog stops barking and music comes back on.

Oh- it’s 9:15 pm and all is quiet.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wow, we've been busy

Just realized it’s been almost month since I posted. Lyle’s last day of school was Dec. 19 and the following Monday we left for San Miguel and Guanajuato for 10 days, returned to make an offer on a house, I started Spanish lessons, work ramped back up, Lyle started back to school, (that’s me) is working on the 2nd La Manzanilla Art Walk and Friday I poured wine at a gallery opening and it’s January 10th!

If you get a chance go to San Miguel and Guanajuato, both lovely colonial cities with lots to see and do, churches, artisans, museums and Mexican history.

Want stress? Buy a house in Mexico.

Want to get to know the locals? Take Spanish, oh but I forgot about the studying part. So and hour class and 2 hours of studying- I’ll keep you posted about how it goes.

Want to get to know the gringa locals? Work on the Art Walk- Talk about personalities and opinions. Good grief, it’s an afternoon of walking around and looking at art. Let’s not take ourselves too seriously.

Ok- I have to go and help cook dinner!