Monday, August 25, 2008

3 weeks until the La Manzanilla move

Wow, I've been thinking a lot about writing but alas I've been too busy! Only 3 weeks and we will be leaving Denver for La Manzanilla. We've taken our house off the market and have found renters. Not the ideal situation as the money from the house sale was supposed to be what we were going to use to build the La Manzanilla house. Guess we will just rent for awhile and see how things go.

Lyle is all set for school thanks to my friend Maggie from the Alegria Language Institute, she sent me all the paperwork and thanks to email we were able to get all the necessary documentation to the school.

We've decided to take the tried and true Nogales route along the coast to La Manzanilla. El Paso seemed just a little too adventurous i.e. dangerous of a crossing.

Still trying to get the php side of the website up and running so that the site has some additional functionality.

Denver is hosting the Democratic National convention this week. We are going to try to go and see Obama's acceptance speech on one of the many giant screens around town on Thursday.