Sunday, April 12, 2009

FM3 at last!

After 2 phone calls to the Manzanillo immigration office, 3 trips to the office, mailing Lyle’s birth certificate back to the US to get an apostil, having the birth certificate and apostil translated, and two months later…..We are now legal!

Yeah, happy dance.

Only problem, when we started the process we lived at one address, we’ve since moved. Supposedly you have to notify the office within 30 days of a move and show them the last bill from your old address and the new bill from you new address. If the two bills are more then 30 days apart they can fine you up to 50 pesos a day per person.

We are still thinking about how to handle this issue. For now we are just celebrating our new status!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Holy Guacamole, there are lots of people here!

Holy week is upon us and the beach and town are full of Mexican visitors.

This is our first Holy Week and I have to admit given what we've heard about it (from the gringos who all left last week) we've been expecting the worse, loud music, drunks and noise.

It hasn't been bad at all, I like the music and it stops by 11:00. It's nice to see so many Mexican families here having a good time.

Top photo is regular day at the beach. Bottom photo is yesterday.