Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good neighbors

Our neighbor Maria is the matriarch of a very large family, eight living children, 6 of which live here and all have children of their own. She is the best neighbor I’ve ever had. When the fruit truck comes around she makes sure that the guy doesn’t sell me the shlock product, when someone tried to steal our truck she sent her daughter to find the “town law”, when the lady comes around selling the baked candied pumpkin she makes sure to send her over to my house so I don’t miss out, and if I’m not home she buys me a piece!

She is also very generous with her family’s food, we've been treated to posole, tamales, ceviche, enchiladas and other delights. If never fails that when Rick, my husband, leaves for a few days to go to the States, Maria is at my door with a plate of food.

He hasn’t been gone for 24 hours and she marched over with a plate of sopitas and tomatillo salsa. And not just 2, one for Lyle and one for me…no the plate had 6 of the tasty little treats. I scarffed down 3 right away, Lyle wasn’t hungry so I saved his 3 for later…I ended up eating them as well.

She’s a gem, we are very lucky to have her and her family as neighbors and friends!

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