Monday, January 10, 2011

Holiday vacation with a bang

I have to laugh because we'd probably be thrown in jail if we lived in the US.

Christmas, New Years and really, any other holiday is an excuse for fireworks in Mexico. Not to generalize the whole country but I can tell you from me experience the Mexicans who live and visit La Manzanilla have a thing for fireworks.

We got into the swing of it buy purchasing Lyle various little bags of fireworks with names like, cebollitas- "little onion", busca pies-"looks for feet", chifladors-not sure what this one means but they were loud so we promptly took them away. (Here comes the jail part) And furthermore, we gave Lyle a lighter and let him light them himself. He was in heaven. On Christmas eve the kids started lighting them around 1:00 and it continued until 10:00 that night.

I noticed both the boys and girls like the fireworks but the boys were like crack addicts and couldn't get enough of them!

We limited Lyle to small fireworks that throw off sparks or make a small popping sound...but the other kids had what I would compare to M80's, boys, fire, fireworks- now that is a recipe for disaster.

Luckily all ended well and everyone still has all there fingers, toes and eyes!

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Steve Cotton said...

You are a great Mom. Every boy needs noise. Lots of it. No matter his age. Over here we had automatic rifle fire. Who says there is a strict gun control law in Mexico?